The Game Theatre London

The Game Theatre London is a collaboration between The Game Theatre and Rogue Events. Rogue Events runs some of the interactive experiences originally created by the Game Theatre in the United Kingdom. 

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Turning a Vision into Reality

Rogue Events was founded in 2016 by Cameron Readman and Stuart Munnich. Rogue Events is an immersive experience production company based in the U.K., known for producing the infamous Bothwell School of Witchcraft. The company works hand-in-hand with the Game Theatre, based in the United States to produce some of their tried and tested games in the U.K.  

Rogue Events Limited
United Kingdom

Making Dreams Come True

The Game Theatre is a U.S. based events company that combines immersive environments, strategic social gaming, and interactive theatre to create compelling experiences. The Game Theatre owns the intellectual property rights to all the "Game Theatre London" games hosted and run in the U.K.  

The Game Theatre
United States of America

Rogue Events Ltd


United Kingdom

The Game Theatre

New York


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