Aces and Operatives is a unique and thrilling interactive experience that takes place in the beautiful and exclusive setting of the RAF Club, London. Surrounded by larger than life portraits of Churchill and other stern looking military figures, you’ll take part in an interactive cold-war era spy vs spy showdown.

What To Expect

Much like a murder mystery, each guest becomes an agent in an intriguing plot-line, where world events are decided in one fateful evening over cocktails and canapés. Throughout the course of the night the government ‘Aces’ are pitted against the hidden ‘Operatives’, who’ve infiltrated these national organisations and are bent on global destruction. Using social deduction, the aces must discover these operatives and take them down before they can sabotage high-value missions.

As well as top-secret missions, there is also a picturesque classic bar room where you can enjoy an expertly made cocktail, servers bring around canapés while spies discuss the latest world crisis and there’s even casino games in which you can taunt your political enemies while throwing down a royal flush. After throwing on a suave tux, practicing your sardonic eyebrow raise and holding a highball class with your favourite tipple it’s easy, with the scenic surroundings, to become immersed in the world of espionage.

How does the evening work?


You will become an ‘international person of mystery’ and cast either as an ‘Ace’ into a well-known spy agency, such as British MI6 or American CIA, or if you are an ‘Operative’, you will become part of an evil secret organisation that has infiltrated these agencies. Aces are intent on maintaining their national interests through covert missions. The Operatives, however, have infiltrated these organisations with the intent of destroying international relations for their own purposes, be it for world domination or simply for profit.

The aim of the game for the Aces is to figure out who the operatives are and remove them from missions where they can do no harm. The aim for Operatives is to remain hidden and ensure the agencies missions fail without being detected. A good spy trusts no one at the start!

Each agency, Aces and Operatives inclusive, will send agents on short, top-secret missions. The agencies will be briefed on the details of these missions then they must send those they think most-likely to ensure the success of the mission. Aces will do everything in their power to ensure the mission is successful, whereas Operatives will try to sabotage it. The mission outcome is decided on the combined efforts of the Aces and Operatives present. If the mission is a success, it means there were enough Aces to make sure of it! If the mission is a failure, there were too many Operatives obstructing the mission.

Using social deduction, the Aces must figure out who the operatives are and make sure they’re not sent on missions. Operatives must figure out who the other Operatives are and remain hidden so they can create a global crisis.

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